Shackling God is back as a reprint in Enigma Front: The Monster Within, the third and final volume of Analemma Books’ anthology series. (For a synopsis, see below.)

Enigma Front: The Monster Within is now available from and Kobo.




The Cure. Climate change is accelerating much faster than scientists can account for. Oceanographer Davina Wilson’s pretty sure she knows why but, to prove it, she must first cope with a fatally ill son, an unpredictable ex, predictably skeptical colleagues, and a climate change agent she never imagined.

This is one of twenty-two stories in the Aurora Award nominated anthology Enigma Front: Burnt, available for purchase in print or as an e-book from and Kobo.



In Places Between 2015 CoverShackling God. What would you do if you’d just proved the finite nature of the universe then met an infinite entity? Elmer Riddell, a mathematician working on his doctoral dissertation, comes up with a solution he hopes will land him fame among his peers AND satisfy his conviction God is infinite.

This is one of the ten stories in “In Places Between 2015”, the chapbook of finalist entries in the Robyn Herrington Memorial Short Story Contest, published in August 2015.



Enigma Front Anthology CoverIn Places BetweenA Fable for Those Who Would Mess with Fate. This is the story of a young man from Los Angeles whose life is serious messed with by his nocturnal lover, Fate. A condensed form of it took Honorable Mention in the 2011 Robyn Herrington Memorial Short Story Contest. It is one of the eighteen stories that comprise Analemma Books’ Enigma Front anthology, which was launched in August 2015. I was also co-editor of this book.

Enigma Front is available for purchase in print or as an e-book from and Kobo.



Caves of Noble Truth and Dangerous Knowledge. This wuxia/steampunk mash-up revolves around a young girl and her grandfather, who are guardians of the ancient (and real) archives stored in the Mògāo Caves near Dūnhuáng in western China. It is one of the twenty-five stories that comprise Solarwyrm Press‘ “Amok: An Anthology of Asia-Pacific Speculative Fiction”, which was released in May 2014.




The Urban Green ManWithout Blemish. This short story is about Gaia’s Guardian of the Okanagan Valley. It is included in “The Urban Green Man” anthology published by Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy.



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