Celeste A. Peters’ earliest success in the world of writing came at age 11, when her poem Thoughts of Time was awarded both first and second place in a youth poetry contest sponsored by the City of Carson Department of Parks and Recreation. Subsequent encouragement by high school and university English teachers to make writing her career, while appreciated, fell on deaf ears, as Celeste’s focus turned to the attainment of an undergraduate degree in Astronomy and an MA in the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology.

Her love of both writing and things scientific had a happy collision years later when Celeste became Science Editor for The Winnipeg Sun. Her ability to translate tech talk into something everyone could digest became apparent and book contracts followed. The launch of her very first book, Don’t Be SAD: Your Guide to Conquering Seasonal Affective Disorder, saw Celeste traveling cross-country to do television interviews on Canada AM, The Dini Show, Toronto’s CBC Nightly News, Montreal AM Live, Calgary’s Breakfast Show and CTV News at Noon. Unfortunately, she took only one nice dress suit along and wore it on every show. This became painfully apparent to the public the day she appeared on Montreal AM Live, which aired immediately following her pre-taped interview on The Dini Show. It looked like she had instantaneously walked off the set in Toronto and onto the set in Montreal. Fortunately, the show’s host made a joke to that effect and Celeste’s face, which was as red as her power suit, toned down several notches.

Celeste went on to pen several more non-fiction books then, in 2011, she succumbed to the allure of imaginative fiction. She now spends her writing time exploring the landscapes of new worlds and delving into the psyches of troubled beings.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Celeste resides in Calgary, Alberta, where she is a member of the Imaginative Fiction Writers Association, the Alexandra Writers’ Centre Society and the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association.

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